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Medellín Coworking: Office Rentals and Collaborative Workspaces

Quokka Coworking Medellín

We came into the world to live out what we love doing.

Coworking Medellín 


Quokka Coworking Astorga: The perfect place to be creative and productive! Whether you're a freelancer or an entrepreneur in search of your next great workspace, Quokka Coworking Medellín is for you!

Coworking Medellín
Patio Bonito

Quokka Coworking Patio Bonito, located in the prime area of El Poblado, Medellín, offers the finest workspaces, making it an excellent choice for innovators, entrepreneurs, and creatives.

Why choose Quokka Coworking Medellín?

At Quokka Coworking, located in the vibrant city of Medellín, we offer a unique coworking space with flexible offices and commercial rooms. Our offices and rooms, located in Astorga and Patio Bonito, are equipped with all the essential services for comfortable working. Here, you'll find the ideal place, whether you're looking for a private office or a room to collaborate.

Cowork Spaces In Medellín

At Quokka Coworking, located in the dynamic heart of Medellín, you'll discover a coworking space that encompasses everything from private offices to an auditorium, as well as boardrooms and flexible areas. Each office and room is fully equipped with essential services to enable productive work, providing optimal business solutions in this vibrant city.


Ideal para reuniones con equipos pequeños, son acogedores y permiten establecer una cercanía entre Quoworkers

Quokka Coworking Oficina 1(3).jpeg
Auditorio Quokka Coworking Patio Bonito (1).jpeg


El lugar ideal para las reuniones de equipo, acondicionada con mobiliario cómodo, paneles de insonorización

Sala de juntas 2 Quokka Coworking Patio Bonito.jpeg

Sala de Juntas

El lugar ideal para las reuniones de equipo, acondicionada con mobiliario cómodo, paneles de insonorización


Espacios Flexibles

Sección al aire libre, donde se respira comunidad y se establecen conexiones con los quoworkers que comparten el espacio contigo

Spaces That Make Us Unique

In "Spaces That Make Us Unique" at Quokka Coworking in the city of Medellín, you'll discover innovative places that go beyond the typical office space. Our creative kitchen is not just for preparing meals but is a multifunctional commercial area perfect for content creation, cooking classes, and more. The garden invites serenity and inspiration, while our soundproof multimedia room is ideal for recording high-quality content or holding efficient team meetings, all with essential services for working and creating in a unique environment.

IMG_5077 de tamaño grande.jpeg

Cocina Interactiva

El lugar para reuniones de equipo, acondicionada con mobiliario cómodo, paneles de insonorización 

El lugar para las reuniones de equipo, y diferentes eventos 

El Jardin




Aula Multimedia

El lugar para reuniones de equipo, acondicionada con mobiliario cómodo, paneles de insonorización 



Creation Space

The perfect place for team meetings,
furnished with comfortable seating
and soundproof panels.


What do other coworkers say about us?

Carolina Gómez 

Outstanding service and trust, from booking to our arrival at the location, they provided us with the necessary tools such as outlets and everything needed to work in utmost comfort. Additionally, the facilities are very beautiful and clean. I recommend them 100%, and I visit whenever I can.

Alejandra Barrientos

An excellent place to work, the best part is that it's more than pet-friendly! The location is strategic for dining, grabbing a drink, or accessing transport routes. Highly recommended.

David Medina

A very pleasant and peaceful place to develop great ideas, work, and meet very cool people! Highly recommended.


Discover the most exciting events at Quokka Coworking, where every gathering and activity brings something special. From regular meetups to unique events, our location is a vibrant space for connecting, learning, and growing. Here, individuals from various backgrounds come together in our meeting rooms and offices, all equipped with the necessary services to make every moment in the center unforgettable.

  • May 30, 2024, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Medellín, Tv. 5a #45-91, El Poblado, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
    ¿Y si el 30 de mayo nos tiramos unos pasos?🤭

Blogs and News

In the "Blogs and News" section of Quokka Coworking Medellín, you will find essential information on events, services, and updates in our commercial rooms, offices, and coworking spaces in the downtown area. Stay informed about regular activities and special events at our location, and discover how these initiatives impact the individuals who choose to work with us.

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Spaces that foster connections at Quokka Coworking Medellín

Explora nuestra galería de fotos y sumérgete en la atmósfera única de Quokka Coworking en Medellín. Cada imagen captura la esencia de nuestros espacios diseñados meticulosamente, desde la elegante oficina privada hasta las áreas comunes vibrantes en el centro de El Poblado. Descubre por qué somos el espacio ideal para tu próximo proyecto o reunión y no dudes en hacer tu reserva para experimentar la energía y conexión de Quokka Coworking en persona.

Coworking in Medellín: Commercial Spaces and Offices for Networking

At Quokka Coworking, located in the heart of Medellín, we provide coworking spaces, including fully-equipped offices and commercial meeting rooms. With comprehensive services and dedicated desks, these spaces foster a dynamic and productive community.

Events and Networking at Our Astorga and Patio Bonito Locations

At the Astorga and Patio Bonito locations of Quokka Coworking Medellín, you will find a vibrant space for business events and networking opportunities. People from various sectors come together here to exchange ideas and collaborate. We offer a range of services, from high-speed internet to fixed desks and private offices, ideal for meetings and collaborative work. Our spaces and rooms are designed to accommodate diverse needs, making Quokka Coworking the perfect place to connect and expand your professional network in the heart of El Poblado.

Flexible Offices and Meeting Rooms in El Poblado

At Quokka Coworking's El Poblado location, you'll discover flexible offices and commercial meeting rooms perfectly tailored to your company's needs. Whether you're in search of a dedicated desk to focus on your career or require a private room for important meetings, we have the ideal space for you. Each office and room comes equipped with services like high-speed internet access, ensuring that every meeting or individual project finds the best environment for success. These spaces are thoughtfully designed to optimize productivity, offering both fixed and flexible seating arrangements that cater to diverse professional styles.

Community and Collaboration: The Core of Quokka Coworking

At Quokka Coworking, community and collaboration are at the core of our philosophy. Our offices and commercial spaces are strategically designed to foster idea sharing and collaboration among entrepreneurs and creatives. Located in key areas of the city, our spaces provide the necessary services and amenities to cater to a wide range of business needs, from dedicated desks for career focus to rooms equipped with high-speed internet for productive meetings. Here, individuals find the ideal space and atmosphere for working on solo projects as well as team collaborations, making each office and room the perfect setting for professional development and success.

Adaptable Plans Suited for Every Type of Professional

At Quokka Coworking, we understand the diverse needs of modern professionals. As such, we offer an array of flexible plans tailored to various work styles and demands. Whether you require a dedicated desk to focus on your career or prefer an open coworking space for collaboration, our offices and commercial rooms in Medellín are fully equipped to meet your expectations. With high-quality services, including high-speed internet access and dedicated desks in shared environments, our locations provide the perfect setting for individuals and businesses to find their optimal working mode.

Virtual Offices: Commercial Spaces in the Digital Era

Quokka Coworking offers you virtual offices, combining flexibility and essential business services. Ideal for companies and individuals seeking a professional space without the need for a fixed physical office. These virtual offices allow you to manage correspondence and meetings, with internet access and access to desks in our meeting rooms and coworking spaces when you need a physical presence. The perfect solution for those looking to enhance their career with an office that adapts to their dynamic work style.

Soundproof Multimedia Room: The Ideal Place for Creative and Commercial Projects

Explore our soundproof multimedia room at Quokka Coworking, a space meticulously designed to meet the needs of audiovisual projects and meetings requiring privacy and tranquility. Equipped with high-speed internet services and cutting-edge technology, this room is the perfect setting for individuals and businesses to execute their creative projects and meetings without distractions. Moreover, with both fixed and flexible seating available, it caters to a diverse range of professional needs, making it the ideal space to advance your career in a contemporary business environment.

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